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Singapore: January 2024

Singapore’s technology news in January 2024 captured items and issues including: the Maritime Authority’s introduction of Starlink satellite information services; Singapore’s Green Plan for sustainable development; the city-state’s Green Computing Funding Initiative; and more.

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Deloitte Tech Trends 2024

Deloitte: 2024 Tech, Media and Telecoms Predictions

Singapore AI Strategy

Singapore National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2.0 (NAIS)

“The platform will manage and automate the smart switching between satellite communication services ensuring uninterrupted, high quality network coverage as ships traverse long distances, including the most remote locations and under severe conditions.”

“It will also enable ships to leverage edge computing, host mission critical applications either on-premises or at shore – freeing up valuable bandwidth and improving reliability.”


Google Whitepaper: Artificial Intelligence Opportunity Agenda for ASEAN

“The Trans-Pacific is a critical connection point to reach the US, and the geography of these regions means they will rely on new submarine cable routes like Echo for international connectivity,” he stressed.

“Echo’s cable system can allow other countries to take advantage of its redundancy. In addition, we’ve recently added 3Tbps of capacity through the SEA-US cable connecting US mainland to Hawaii, Guam and the Philippines which complements our existing Trans-Pacific cables like AAG, Unity, Faster, NCP, and Jupiter,” Stasko concluded.

UNODC: Transnational organized crime in East and Southeast Asia

UNODC: Transnational organized crime in East and Southeast Asia

Indo-Pacific Tech news: Daily

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Global Cybersecurity 2024

World Economic Forum Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2024

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In the January 23rd newsletter:
South Korea’s semicon mega-development,
India-Argentina lithium mining,
Singtel adds Starlink for maritime use,
India’s quantum technology moves,
Huawei adds Changan and JD for OS growth,
Google backs Pacific Connect undersea cable…
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Critical technologies in December 2023

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