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South Korea: January 2024

South Korean tech news from January 2024 covered items in areas including: the announcement of record-breaking startups-focused funding; $471 billion in private-sector investment in semicon chips manufacturing and R&D; South Korean kitchen robotics; partnership between the US, Japan and South Korea on quantum tech research; and more.

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GenAI Asia-Pacific

Infosys: Generative Artificial Intelligence Radar Asia-Pacific

“The support projects cover eight categories, with loans and guarantees commanding the highest share at 55.3% (KRW 2.0546 trillion/USD 1.57 billion).”

“Commercialization follows closely with KRW 793.1 billion (USD 606 million) (21.4%) and technology development at KRW 544.2 billion (USD 416 million) (14.7%).”

2024 Crypto Market Outlook

Coinbase Institutional: 2024 Crypto Market Outlook

“The government on Monday outlined a blueprint involving investment of 622 trillion won ($471 billion) from the private sector in the years leading up to 2047. They will spend the money to build 13 new chip plants and three research facilities, on top of an existing 21 fabs. Spanning Pyeongtaek to Yongin, the area is expected to be the largest in the world, capable of producing 7.7 million wafers monthly by 2030.”

“As part of the two-decade plan, Samsung and Hynix are set to build their most sophisticated chip plants at home. Samsung’s betting big on foundry — or making chips for other firms — as part of a 500 trillion won investment by 2047. Smaller rival Hynix aims to invest 122 trillion won in memory in Yongin over the same period.”

Semiconductors - Europe and Indo-Pacific

Semiconductors in European and Indo-Pacific Economies: Geopolitical Risk in the Supply Chains into 2030 and Beyond

“The smuggling operation is by far the largest ever busted in respect to value, and probably also in respect to quantity. The previous record holder was an attempt to smuggle $4 million worth of CPUs, SSDs, and other electronics from Hong Kong to China. The would-be smuggler similarly incorrectly declared his goods to customs officials, who weren’t fooled and subsequently busted the plot.”

2024 AI Business

PwC: 2024 Artificial Intelligence Business Predictions

2024 Semiconductor Outlook

KPMG / GSA: 2024 Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook

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2023 Ransomware Report

Fortinet: 2023 Global Ransomware Report

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