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Australia: February 2021

Startup news: Australia

Australia’s tech and startup news in February 20201 featured items across health-tech, indigenous entrepreneurs, cybersecurity skills funding and, of course, the face-off between Facebook and government around news publishing.

Items listed below are Australia’s tech and startup news headlines; each is linked directly to the free-to-read, online article behind that headline, available in full. This gives readers two things instantly:

  • an at-a-glance overview of a given month’s technology news from Australia; and
  • instant access to more detail on the Australian startup news items that interest you.

Technology news: February 2021
Artificial intelligence  |  Blockchain  |  Cryptocurrency
Cybersecurity  |  FinTech

Fintech Australia: Finnies Awards 2021

Pausefest: Australia, March 2021

Australia's Cybersecurity Strategy 2020

LanchVic: Victorian Startup Ecosystem (pdf)

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