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Q3 2021

July, August & September 2021

The links below each lead to that country or location’s tech startup news for the third quarter of 2021July, August and September.

Startup News Asia’s Q3 2021 tech news collections cover 17 main jurisdictions across South & Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, providing an at-a-glance grasp of each location’s technology-related news headlines.

Bear in mind that some locations are more developed, and more active, than others – Singapore compared with Cambodia, for instance – whilst others have wider challenges that affect the tech startup scene as part of larger social and economic issues – Myanmar, for example. In part, this means that some locations simply generate more news coverage for their larger, busier, better resourced tech scenes, alongside gaining more English-language news coverage.

Click on any quarterly link below to read the technology news headlines for that jurisdiction, city, or country from July, August and September of 2021; each page lists headlines only, giving you quick reference, and one-click access to the online articles, reports and downloads behind each headline, in full and free of charge.

Future Finance: DeFi and beyond

SCMP: China Internet Report 2021

Indonesia Digital Lookbook / Startup Indonesia

Malaysia: Digital Penang initiative

Philippines: eCommerce 2022 Roadmap (pdf)

APAC Ecommerce Report 2021 (pdf)

Vietnam: Gimo - Earned Wage Access fintech


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