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March 2024

Technology news coverage from across Asia and the Indo-Pacific region in March of 2024 of course spanned a huge range of items, issues, developments and challenges.

These included, for instance: India’s moves to create a footprint in semiconductor manufacturing; China’s planned lunar surveillance camera network; Malaysia’s Penang state’s opportunities in advanced tech supply chains; Japan’s cybersecurity outreach in support of Pacific Islands nations; Australia-Canada partnership on critical minerals supply; and more.

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Australia's critical minerals

ASPI: Developing Australia’s critical minerals and rare earths

Fragmenting Cyberspace - Future of internet in China

MERICS: Fragmenting Cyberspace – Future of the internet in China

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 / May 27 – April 26

Stablecoins and de-dollarization

Stablecoins: A potential counter to de-dollarization

Connected Women: Digital workforce solutions

Connected Women: Digital workforce solutions

WEF Cybersecurity 2030

World Economic Forum: Cybersecurity Futures 2030 – New Foundations

Critical technologies
news in March 2024

In March, critical tech news coverage touched on items including, for instance: the issue of minerals supply chain exposure to corruption; HP’s chip-level security in preparation for the quantum hacking era; Barcelona’s bid for RISC-V semiconductor manufacturing; a 33-nation, US-led collaboration on space domain technologies; and many more.

Critical technologies: March 2024 news summary >

Hypersonic space defense

CSIS: Space and airborne sensors for hypersonic missile defense

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