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March 2024: New Zealand

A brief snapshot of NZ tech news from March 2024 – dairy-free milk alternatives, cement-replacement additives for construction, Linux cybersecurity for infrastructure management systems, New Zealand’s space launch capability, and NZ tech startup news.

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New Zealand UpStart Nation 2023 Report

New Zealand: UpStart Nation 2023 Report (pdf link)

  • New Zealand: AndFoods raises NZ$2.7M for development and marketing of allergen-free, seed-based creams and milk powders made from legume pulses / read it here
  • New Zealand: Neocrete raises US$4M seed funding with cement-replacement additive, building R&D towards target of cement-free, zero-carbon concrete by 2027 / read it here
  • New Zealand: Sandfly Security gain seed backing with focus on protecting the Linux systems underpinning critical infrastructure, and apps in robotics, edge devices, networking gear and more / read it here
  • Japan’s Astroscale launches rocket via New Zealand’s Rocket Lab services to inspect ‘dead’ rocket debris in orbit, aiming to identify method to remove this, and later, other, debris, from space / read it here
  • An intro to 5 Australian and New Zealand startups that collectively raised over $36M in the past week, working on solutions in fintech, foodtech, advertising and more / read it here
New Zealand Startup Investment 2023

PwC: New Zealand Startup Investment Magazine – Spring 2023

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