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Cyber attacks in Asia-Pacific in Q1 2024

April 2024

Asia’s tech news in April 2024 covered a huge range of items and developments, achievements and concerns.

These included, for instance: A quantum technology temperature breakthrough in Australia; possible Japan-European Union partnership on emerging and critical technologies; Taiwan’s TSMC gaining billion-dollar US subsidies for American fabrication; Huawei’s moves into high-end lithography, pursuing China’s agenda of domestic-only supply chains; Singaporean wireless laser-based communications; and many more.

Also linked here are the quarterly tech news round-ups for each of the 15 jurisdictions our daily updates cover. As with our dailies, do note that some locations can be very ‘quiet’ in terms of English-language online media coverage available; Cambodia, for instance.

And be sure to also see our first quarter 2024 round-up of global critical technologies news and developments, drawn from reports across January, February and March of 2024.

Other news editions span daily updates on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, weekly e-newsletters on LinkedIn and Substack, monthly website round-ups, and quarterly online collections.

SXSW Sydney 2024 - Australia

SXSW Sydney 2024 / October in Australia

China’s Digital Silk Road (DSR) in Southeast Asia

China’s Digital Silk Road in Southeast Asia: Progress & Challenges

Digitizing Make In India Report 2024

Digitizing Make In India Report 2024 – B2B & Manufacturing

Indonesia digital payments

Bank Indonesia: Indonesia Payment Systems Blueprint 2025

SWITCH Singapore 2024

SWITCH: 2024 Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology

ASEAN-EU Partnership 2024-2025

ASEAN-European Union Strategic Partnership 2024-2025 (pdf link)

Critical technologies in April 2024

Technologies critical to the functioning of economies, finance, and global society were, of course, in the news in April of 2024. Issues covered in our monthly critical tech round-up include the use of AI deepfake video to influence voters, China’s investments in quantum technologies and the risks that raises, Taiwan’s moves into satellite communications as a backup, and many more.

Critical technologies, globally, in April 2024 >

Critical technologies 2024

Critical technologies, quarterly: First quarter 2024 news round-up

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Critical technologies in May 2024

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