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Cambodia: March 2021

Cambodia’s startup news
in March 2021

Cambodia’s tech and startup news in March 2021 covered items across a wide range of subjects, including cyber security, venture capital news and a look at 500 Startups’ in-country launch.

The items listed are Cambodia’s tech and startup news headlines for the month, drawn from Startup News Asia’s daily feeds; each item is linked directly to the free-to-read article behind that headline, available to read online in full. This gives readers two things instantly:

  • an at-a-glance overview of March 2021’s technology news from Cambodia; and
  • instant access to more detail on the Cambodian startup news items that interest you the most.

If you’re looking for March 2021’s technology news, rather than startup news from Cambodia, see our other tech news collections, listed at the foot of this page.

You can also download a one-page snapshot of Cambodia’s tech news:

Cambodia: 505 Digital advertising

Cambodia E-Commerce Strategy (pdf)

Technology-focused news in March 2021

The links below will take you to news round-ups focused on particular technologies, rather than technology news from a particular location:

Artificial intelligence news, March 2021

Blockchain news in March 2021

Crypto & digital currency news in March 2021

Cybersecurity and related news, March 2021

FinTech and digital banking news in March 2021

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