Monthly startup news summaries

~ Monthly startup news: on hold ~

As at June 2017, we’re putting the monthly in-brief update on hold whilst we organise around what we feel is a better option, both in terms of customer satisfaction and simply in ROI:
an email newsletter.

Once decisions are made, we’ll archive this section of the site.

For now, the archives will remain online as an indication of what to expect, albeit in a very different format in future.

We produce a monthly in-brief summary, in pdf, of the most recent month’s startup news,
alongside the daily news updates delivered via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Viewing or downloading the pdf keeps each item linked
and provides an in-your-hand and
at-a-glance snapshot of that month’s news
in start-ups across South and Southeast Asia,
and Australia and New Zealand.

You can also read the monthly Startup News Asia summary online on Issuu in flipbook format.


= Monthly round-ups =

1) Monthly PDF overviews

Round-ups of the previous month’s startup news are available to download in pdf format, providing a brief outline of early-stage tech news specific to each country.

Each item remains linked to the original source article, whether on-screen or in print.

Download Startup News Asia overviews in pdf >


2) In brief on Issuu

Overviews can also simply be read online via Issuu,
for those who’d rather not download and print.

Each item remains linked to the original source article,
whether on-screen or in print.

Read Startup News Asia in brief on Issuu >


= Monthly pdf news archives =

Startup News Asia: March 2017

February 2017 in brief

January 2017 in brief

December 2016 in brief

 November 2016 in brief

October 2016 news in brief

 September 2016 in brief

August 2016 summary

 July 2016 summary

June 2016 summary

 May 2016 summary

April 2016 summary

 March 2016 summary

February 2016 summary

 January 2016 summary


Each news item is linked to the original reporting source for that news piece, and the pdfs are fully hyperlinked if reading them as pdfs, on-screen.


= Monthly Issuu archives =

Alternatively, you can read the monthly summaries online, via Issuu.

March 2017: Start-up news for Asia & Oceania

February 2017: Asia’s start-up news summary

January 2017 Asian start-ups news

December 2016 Asian startup news summary

November 2016 news round-up

October 2016 startup news in brief

 September 2016 summary

August 2016 summary

 July 2016 summary

June 2016 digest

 May 2016 digest

April 2016 summary

 March 2016 summary

February 2016 summary

 January 2016 summary


Each pdf is also linked, using the That List mobile app, directly from print to the original online source.

The app’s history means you can go back to the particular items you found interesting whilst also letting you share news items on social media with colleagues, friends, groups and more.

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