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Wild Digital SEA 2022 Conference
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Wild Digital Southeast Asia 2021

The region’s
premier tech conference

SE Asia's premier tech conference: Wild Digital

Here’s a preview of the sessions and content that the Wild Digital Southeast Asia 2021 conference will deliver from November 9-12

Hotfooting SEA’s Digital Entertainment Appetite, On-Demand

Almost 70% of Southeast Asia is now online. With travel restrictions and nowhere to go, consumers have largely turned toward digital entertainment to fill the gaps of boredom encountered at home.

Be it streaming services or online gaming, the sharp increase in consumption has guided the propensity to merge the virtual into reality and reshape how consumers experience day-to-day
entertainment. Next-gen consoles and platforms are tilted evermore toward AR and VR functionality, leading us toward a more involved, interactive, and experiential future in entertainment.

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Shifting Capitals:
What Tips the Scales Post-COVID

Are the days of moving fast and breaking things over?

With the rapid
increase in digital adoption amongst users across the emerging markets, the economy is ripe for those with user-centric, problem-solving solutions that focuses strong conversation positioning and narratives that fit the ever-woke generation.

As the SPAC boom ensues in the region, we ask investors today —
has Covid altered the formula for success with its inadvertent
occurrence, and what does a future unicorn look like?

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Startup Disruptor Arena
with Startup World Cup

Wild Digital’s Startup Disruptor Arena will be the Southeast Asia Regional and the winner will go on to compete at the Startup World Cup Grand Finale in San Francisco, California, in September 2022.

Startups in any tech-related sector—be it health, education, agriculture, mobility, retail, marketing, financial services, and more—at any stage are encouraged to apply to Startup Disruptor Arena.

Funding opportunity aside, this is an avenue to network with key industry players and showcase your startup to potential mentors and business partners!

Startup Disruptor Arena / Wild Digital SE Asia Conference

Odds and Opportunities:
Keeping the Growth Journey Real

With Covid prevailing, normal—rapid growth at all costs—is taking on a new shape. Sustainability and balance are now part of the equation and part of the main conversations with Investors and Customers alike.

Hear from these leaders how the current state of affairs influences the vision and brand identity of their startups, and what they’re doing to be heard in this content-heavy, socially-conscious era.

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Passing the Torch:
Women’s Relay in the Tech Marathon

SEA boasts a slightly higher than average number of women in technology, but it took a few generations of female trailblazers to lay the foundation for the more gender-balanced ecosystem we have today.

Creators of their own table, we speak to some of SEA’s iron ladies to hear about their intergenerational experiences and lessons learnt.

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Technology x Social Consumerism:
Safeguarding Our Future

Differentiated by social conscience to bring about “a scientific innovation or meaningful discovery,” the influence and integration of deep tech to drive other end-user services has become increasingly prevalent as a means for businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

No longer a novelty but fast becoming part and parcel of day-to-day living, how are deep tech startups—the vanguard of groundbreaking
innovation— becoming the driving force in determining what we see in the consumer and enterprise tech space.

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Wild Digital SEA Conference: July 2022

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