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Investor types

types of Angel investor

When looking specifically at Asia, the types of investor available for tech and startup investment have slightly different characteristics, focus areas and motivations.

The broad headings that fit the bill were best outlined, we feel, by e27 in an article entitled “Need an angel to back your early stage startup? Here are 5 types of investors you should look for“.

We’ve reproduced the broad types of investor below, with the link above, and throughout, leading to the original article on the e27 website.

The Retiree

The friendly old retiree uncle who wants to do good deeds
This angel is a man (or woman) who has retired and built up good finances. His children have left the nest and migrated overseas, and he spends most of his time playing golf to…

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Family and friends

Some entrepreneurs are just lucky. When they want to do a new startup, family and friends rally to their cause and they will each invest a small amount. Together it becomes the angel round where many just want the….

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The fu-er-dai former classmates

They studied in school or went partying together with you until the wee hours of the night. This is something that is rarely spoken in the startup world, but connections, money and power are important components to aid a startup to success, especially….

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Professionals, Managers, Executives & Businessmen (PMEBs)

Another interesting source of angel funds come from fairly successful PMEBs who are above 35. They are newly minted low-digit millionaires with established and stable investing portfolios that generate good returns. In order to….

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Strategic customers & suppliers

Lastly, a startup, which may have identified a gap in the industry, may also have champions and supporters via its future customers or suppliers. Suppliers have stepped in to offer a small amount of funding to take a strategic stake, believing that…

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