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Q2 2021

Asia’s tech news, Quarterly
April, May & June 2021

The quarterly news round-ups for Q2 2021 from Startup News Asia capture the headlines across South and SE Asia, and Oceania, collecting the region’s news in technology, startups and VC funding.

The quarterly round-ups for Q2 of 2021, linked below, are drawn from Startup News Asia’s daily tech news feeds, packaged in country- and location-focused all-in-one headline collections spanning April, May and June of the year.

Each country index linked below lists the major tech news headlines for that location, linked to each online article behind the headlines, allowing you to get straight to the Asian tech news items that interest you the most.

We also include wider-world news items – articles, commentary, downloads, reports – that are relevant to Asia’s tech news; for instance, news around 5G developments globally, cybersecurity and datasec news items, central bank digital currency news. The aim is to provide readers with the widest possible set of reference points.

And we also deliver news collections for specific technologies – artificial intelligence news, blockchain news,
cybersecurity news, cryptocurrency news and fintech news
check the other news section.

Samsung 6G Vision whitepaper (pdf)

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GSMA: 5G Use Cases for Vertical China (pdf)

India Venture Capital Report 2021 (pdf)

Indonesia: Wild Digital Conference, September

Philippines: Connected Women

Geopolitics Of Semiconductors (pdf)


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