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The Game We’re Dying to Play

Bereev is de-stigmatising the conversation around death with the official Australian launch of a world-first death conversation game to truly unlock the unspoken questions about dying.

Spoiler alert, we’re all going to die someday.

The conversation around death can be challenging, but the next 31 days can help shape a more grounded appreciation of what happens when we’re no longer around.

Bereev, Australia’s first death preparation app, has launched the Death Convo Game, a first-of-its-kind game that digs deep into the more fascinating topics around death, connects people across Australia to an open conversation, and helps kick-start an interactive discussion about mortality both online and at home.

Bereev Founder and CEO, Izumi Inoue, said the topic of death wasn’t quite dinner conversation yet, although more and more people were comfortable tackling the often-difficult subject.

“We ran a Reddit poll with more than 1,900 respondents
that found approximately 81 percent were comfortable
discussing death, however, found it hard to find others
to talk with them about it,” Inoue said.

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Bereev: Death Conversation Game

“In an effort to show that talking about death doesn’t have to be morbid or depressing, we’re launching an interactive game for the month of May with a question a day about death that users can play with family, friends, and others from across the country.

“The game has more than 1,000 people on the waiting list to play and asks some incredibly interesting questions, some to test your understanding of death, and others to spark conversation and encourage you to learn more.

“Users can track their progress, compare with friends, earn rewards for answering questions such as free Bereev Plus subscriptions, and discover what will matter most to them towards the end.”

The Death Convo Game is a product of Bereev, Australia’s first death preparation app to help navigate the difficulties of losing a loved one and provide a safe space to start talking about death.

The app provides an all-in-one solution to managing the inevitable such as instructions for funeral plans, handling of digital assets, or pet ownership; securely storing wills, insurance policies, and other important documents; recording messages for friends and family; and inviting trusted loved ones to view the plan when ready.

Bereev users create a central plan in preparation of death at any stage of their life, provide access to all the important documents and planning processes to those they trust, and let the plan guide their loved ones when the time comes.

Inoue said the app heralded a great opportunity to help comfort those left behind, provide clarity and transparency when death occurs, and guide them through your final wishes.

“Bereev provides a pathway for the end-of-life journey, and takes the stress away from those who need to pick up the pieces after we’ve left. When you’re grieving it’s incredibly difficult to make major decisions, so we’re removing that burden,” said Inoue.

“Bereev is the first death preparation app for the Australian Asia-Pacific market, providing a safe and secure digital platform of documents, instructions, records, details, messages, and guides after we die.

“It shouldn’t take natural disasters or global pandemics to remind us that death is inevitable, much like we shouldn’t wait until we’re starving before we buy groceries. It’s something we should anticipate and prepare for ahead of time.”

Death is a major public health issue, with around 30% of loved ones experiencing a form of PTSD through the grief of loss and the added responsibility of managing affairs, according to an analysis of 19 World Health Organisation World Mental Health surveys.

Bereev lessens the burden of death admin by capturing important materials all in one place, allowing loved ones to grieve without worrying about the administration.

Inoue said Bereev offered a personalised experience for all users from various backgrounds with a shared view that one day we will all pass on to the next life.

When we go to heaven, let’s not put our loved ones through hell. To find out more about Bereev visit the website at, and check out the death convo game at

Bereev: Death Conversation Game

About Bereev

Create a plan to guide and comfort loved ones post-death with Asia-Pacific’s first death preparation app.

Bereev provides a secure platform for every element of death planning including funeral, legal, financial, and personal affairs.

Founded in 2018, Bereev was a finalist in the
2018 FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific
2018 Khazanah Nasional Entrepreneurship Outreach Programme, and winner of the
2019 Startup World Cup.







Founder & CEO:
Izumi Inoue

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