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South Korea: September 2023

South Korea’s technology news headlines in September 2023 covered a range of items, including but not limited to: Samsung’s bold claims around competing with Taiwan’s TSMC on semiconductors; Pangyo Tech Valley‘s large-scale tech facilities growth; Korea’s partnership with Australia on critical mineral supply chains; the government’s Comprehensive Startup Korea Plan; and more.

Hit the headline links below to read each South Korean tech news item from September 2023 in full.

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South Korean AI

CSET: Assessing South Korea’s Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

‘Should chip funds go to chaebols or underdogs? In South Korea, the question has taken on partisan undertones.’

South Korea’s semiconductor industry first made a name for itself through memory chips. Korea manufactures a staggering 44 percent of these chips that computers use for internal storage. Since then, the country has advanced in other chip segments as well. Notably, South Korea accounts for 8 percent of global sub-10 nanometer (the most advanced) logic chipmaking, with only Taiwan competing with South Korea in that space.

Samsung & semiconductors:
“…once TSMC joins us in the race for two-nanometre technology, Samsung will lead the way. Within five years, we can surpass TSMC.”

Indo-Pacific Semiconductor Supply Chains

CSIS: Semiconductor Supply Chains & Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

Indo-Pacific TECH news

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Indo-Pacific semiconductor supply chains

CSIS: Mapping semiconductor supply chains – Role of the Indo-Pacific

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