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Indo-Pacific tech news, October 2023
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Philippines: September 2023

Filipino tech news in September 2023 touched on technologies and developments including: the Philippines’ sari-sari small stores industry; a Filipino fintech startup offering overseas foreign workers fee-free remittances; electric vehicles developments in the country; a Philippines VC fund focused on GenZ; and more.

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South China Sea

CSIS Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative – South China Sea and beyond

“…the number of EVs in the Philippines is projected to grow to 6.61 million units by 2030, with two-wheeled vehicles such as e-motorcycles to account for 83.1 percent.”

As EV adoption rises, many vehicle parts will remain but some of the costliest components would be replaced, she said. Garafil cited that seven of 18 common automotive components of a vehicle are being produced in the Philippines, with one of four internal combustion engine (ICE)-specific components locally made.

She said that in the Philippines, there were huge opportunities in the expansion of copper mining and refining, copper-heavy component manufacturing, expansion in electrical component manufacturing, software development as well as delivery centers.

BCG: Global Payments Report 2023

BCG: Global Payments Report 2023

Indo-Pacific Semiconductor Supply Chains

CSIS: Semiconductor Supply Chains & Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

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Indo-Pacific semiconductor supply chains

CSIS: Mapping semiconductor supply chains – Role of the Indo-Pacific

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