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Australia: January 2023

Australian tech news

January 2023 round-up

Australian tech news headlines in January of 2023 covered subject areas including ChatGPT’s impact on exams and essays in Australian higher education, Queensland’s potential in the battery industry, tokenized deposits and stablecoins, the country’s ongoing challenges with cyber-attacks, and more.

And for our other editions, spanning daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly updates on Asia’s technology spaces, here’s an outline.

Digital Assets in Australia

Digital Assets in Australia – Tech Council / Accenture

“More than 100,000 suspected login details for Australian gov’t agency portals have been discovered on a dark web forum with fears they’re part of a new massive global data breach.”

Mobike Australia: “More than 1600 bikes with a total value of around $1.3M built by Chinese startup Mobike have been left in warehouses and on the streets of Australia’s east coast.”

Artificial Intelligence in Asia Pacific

Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in the Asia Pacific Region

Australia: “About 2,500 current staff and a number of former staff at [Queensland’s] second-largest university have had personal data stolen, which could be used in identity theft.”

Australia's tech ecosystem

Tending Australia’s tech ecosystem: Who should be regulator(s)?

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Accenture: Digital Assets - Unclaimed Territory in Asia

Accenture: Digital Assets – Unclaimed Territory in Asia

Disinfo Docket: Research on global influence operations

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