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Asia's tech news: March 2023 headlines
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Taiwan: February 2023

Taiwan’s tech news headlines in February 2023 focused on issues and technologies including the PwC survey of Taiwan’s startup ecosystem, the country’s newly-launched National Institute for Cyber Security, new investments in semiconductor-related technologies, and more.

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Artificial intelligence as systemic risk in a polycrisis

Artificial intelligence as systemic risk in a polycrisis

The new institute will carry out research and make policy recommendations related to cyber and data security, as well as assist both the private and public sectors during major cybersecurity incidents. Tsai said in her speech that “cybersecurity is national security,” and that the institute will help gather the best talents in the tech sector to promote the safety of Taiwan.

Indo-Pacific hybrid threats

ASPI: A proposal for an Indo-Pacific hybrid threat centre

Deloitte: 2023 Semiconductor Industry Outlook

Deloitte: 2023 Semiconductor Industry Outlook

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