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Singapore: July 2023

Singapore’s tech news in July 2023 covered items as diverse as: Alibaba’s increasing stake in Lazada e-commerce giant; semiconductor manufacturing for chiplets in Singapore; ‘purpose-bound’ digital currency developments; and more.

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pwc: Fintech Innovation in Singapore

pwc: Fintech Innovation in Singapore – sustaining growth in uncertain times

“Currently, e-commerce often requires upfront payment, securing the interest of merchants while leaving customers vulnerable. Conversely, cash-on-delivery options prioritize customer security but leave merchants, especially those dealing with perishable goods such as food, exposed to risk.”

“The MAS claims that its new concept of purpose-bound digital money could bridge this gap. By ensuring funds are transferred once service obligations have been fulfilled, it promises to provide an equitable solution, benefiting both consumers and merchants.”

Tech in Asia Conference

Tech in Asia Conference 2023 – October 18-19, Jakarta

“Lazada’s affiliation with Alibaba’s Global Digital Business Group, alongside AliExpress, Trendyol, and Daraz, helps the startup to grow a network of prominent e-commerce platforms under Alibaba’s umbrella.”

“The recent reorganization of Alibaba into six business units, including Lazada’s placement under the International Digital Business Group, is a strategic move aimed at increasing agility and autonomy, potentially paving the way for Lazada’s future Initial Public Offering (IPO).”

“Industry analysts have highlighted the potential benefits of this decentralization, indicating that it could grant Lazada the flexibility to make faster and more localized decisions, catering to the diverse and rapidly evolving markets in Southeast Asia.”

US, Taiwan and Semiconductor Supply Chain

United States, Taiwan & Semiconductors: Critical Supply Chain Partnership


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