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Indo-Pacific tech news, August 2023
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Philippines: July 2023

Tech news from The Philippines in July 2023 touched on technologies, issues and developments including: the Philippines’ first virtual e-SIM card for mobile phones; the Founders Launchpad program; satellite communications service development in The Philippines; and more.

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Philippine Venture Capital Report 2023

Foxmont / BCG: Philippine Venture Capital Report 2023

“An eSIM is a virtual SIM that allows customers to access prepaid mobile services without the need to buy a physical SIM card. Customers can simply scan a QR code using their eSIM-compatible smartphone and register their new mobile number online.”

A video intro to BreederDAO, offering ‘breeding’ and crafting of NFT characters

US, Taiwan and Semiconductor Supply Chain

United States, Taiwan & Semiconductors: Critical Supply Chain Partnership


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