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Indo-Pacific tech news, August 2023
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China: July 2023

China’s tech news headlines in July 2023 covered a wide range of issues and technologies, including: China’s semiconductor industry supply problems and developments; Chinese satellite technology achievements with Tianlong-3; Huawei’s return to the global 5G market with home-grown tech; and many more.

Hit the China tech news headlines below to read each article in full.

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Blockchain Report 2023

UNCTAD Global Report on Blockchain 2023

pwc SEA Digital Trust Insights 2023

pwc Digital Trust Insights 2023: The Southeast Asia Perspective

Secure messaging apps

What is secure? An analysis of popular messaging apps

“You can find your way to banned semiconductors at, for example, various sprawling electronics markets in Shenzhen. Or you can go online — specifically to Douyin…or Xiaohongshu…”

“…Chinese market had an edge…when AI was in the ‘age of execution‘ because it has a huge amount of market data and applications… But in the era of generative AI, AI went from ‘execution’ back to ‘invention’.”

Quantum Toolkit

World Economic Forum: Quantum Readiness Toolkit

“Foreign equipment is increasingly hard to come by so local chipmakers…buy more units of less-productive local offerings… Efficiency and profits take a hit but…statisticians log a rise in industrial production…”

CSET: An examination of China's cyber ranges

CSET: An examination of China’s cyber ranges

“..the US and most of its allies have already banned…Huawei from building 5G infrastructure… the next frontier of the US-China war is most certainly the ‘next-generation’ vehicles.”

“Cryptocurrency transactions are illegal on the mainland, where Beijing has also banned overseas exchanges…But in Hong Kong, crypto trading is legal and the city is seeking to become a digital assets trading hub.”

Live Cyber Attacks Map

RadWare Live Cyber Attacks Threat Map

“Facilitating data flow in the bay area is an important initiative for promoting the integrated and high-quality development of the bay area, lowering the compliance costs of enterprises and driving the development of Hong Kong’s digital economy and proactively integrating Hong Kong into national development,” the tech chief said in the statement.

The deal comes after China introduced new laws in recent years tightening controls on the transfer of cross-border data. The Data Security Law and the Personal Information Protection Law, which went into effect in 2021, impose tough penalties for the unauthorised collection, processing, storage and use of data generated in the country.

US, Taiwan and Semiconductor Supply Chain

United States, Taiwan & Semiconductors: Critical Supply Chain Partnership


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