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Australia: July 2023

The July 2023 round-up of Australia’s tech news covers items including Telstra’s StarLink partnership, Australia’s ongoing challenges with cyber attacks and data breaches, Australian hydrogen power developments, the country’s opportunities in generative artificial intelligence, and more.

Hit the Australian headline links listed to read each tech news article in full – and you can also get an overview here of New Zealand’s tech news in July 2023.

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Indo-Pacific Space Conference

Indo-Pacific Space & Earth Conference – Australia – October 23-23 2023

“Opposition cyber security spokesman James Paterson conducted an audit that found 3114 drones and other technology manufactured by DJI were in use by at least 38 agencies and departments.”

“DJI was black-listed by the US in October on national security grounds and due to concerns the technology had been used in surveillance against the persecuted Muslim Uyghur minority in China’s Xinjiang province.”

“A spokesman for Cyber Security Minister Clare O’Neil said the government was considering how it managed the risks associated with manufacturers that could be ‘compelled by foreign governments to act against Australia’s interests’.”

Australia: “During 2020-21, a quarter of reported cyber attacks…were targeted at critical infrastructure with…education, health, communications, electricity, water and transport most at risk”

SXSW Australia 2023

Australia: SXSW Sydney 2023 – October 15-22

Australia's AI opportunity

Tech Council of Australia: Australia’s Generative AI opportunity

Australian Tech Map

CSIRO: Australian Tech Industry Map

Australia’s Generative AI Opportunity:
“…GAI could contribute as much as $115 billion a year to Australia’s economy by 2030…improving existing industries and enabling the creation of new products and services.”

AUKUS and critical minerals

Australian Strategic Policy Institute: AUKUS and critical minerals

US tech workers and Australia's tech ecosystem

How US tech workers boost the growth of Australia’s tech ecosystem

New Zealand tech in July 2023

Australia & New Zealand:
“Over half of ANZ organisations hit by ransomware…almost 4 in 5 organisations in ANZ expect to pay a ransom if they could recover data and business processes…”

US, Taiwan and Semiconductor Supply Chain

United States, Taiwan & Semiconductors: Critical Supply Chain Partnership


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