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India: February 2022

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February 2022’s tech news summary for India delivers a snapshot of the month’s technology news headlines, looking at India’s tech startup and VC developments, alongside providing links to relevant India-focused reports and downloads.

Headlines for India’s startup news are below; each tech news headline links to the article, item, opinion piece or download behind it – no middleman service, no intrusive ads, just Startup News Asia’s 1-click access to the Indian tech news headlines that interest you.

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Accenture: Rewire For Success - India and AI (pdf))

Accenture: Rewire For Success – India and AI (pdf))

EY: The winds of change - trends shaping India's FinTech sector (pdf)

EY: The winds of change – trends shaping India’s FinTech sector (pdf)

India: BollyCoin NFT marketplace

India: BollyCoin NFT marketplace

Wild3 Conference / Wild Digital / Catcha Group

Wild3 Conference / April 12-13 / Metaverse, NFTs, Web3, Blockchain

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