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April 2016

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Asia-wide in 04/2016

Startup News Asia’s first online collection of tech and startup news from across Asia, gathered from the online press in April 2016.

At this point, we’d were busy setting up and figuring out the best process, and so this listing is an all-locations collection, spanning startup news across the entire, broad region we look at: South and Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

In later months, as we refined our approach, we started delivering country- and jurisdiction-focused monthly news collections.

Deloitte: Are CBDCS the future of money? pdf

BCG: The Rise Of Digital Banking In Southeast Asia (pdf)

EY India: Trends in PE and VC (pdf)

GSMA: 5G Use Cases for Vertical China (pdf)

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Implications Of AI on India's Economy (pdf)

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