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Blockchain & Fintech Competition

Edge196 Blockchain & Fintech Asia Competition

The Asia Blockchain & Fintech Startup Competition is a virtual elevator pitch contest where founders or companies targeting Asia’s Blockchain and/or FinTech ecosystem showcase business ideas to a panel of experts, entrepreneurs and investors.

EDGE196’s aim is to be a catalyst between startups, investors and service providers, providing open avenues to a marketplace in a cross-border ecosystem which maximizes digital asset value through EDGE196’s syndication economy.

EDGE196 has been in the forefront of startup competitions and hackathons since its inception. In 2017, at the Global Startup Competition, EDGE196 selected 21 startups as pitch finalists among 3000 applicants.

Asia Blockchain and Fintech Startup Competition opened its virtual doors on October 19, 2020 for six weeks, allowing the next generation of entrepreneurs to submit their investor deck online. Six winning startups will be announced on January 15th 2020 and invited to spend four weeks with the EDGE196 mentors and investors in Sugar Land, Texas.

In addition, each one of the winning teams will receive between $25,000 and $200,000 in equity investment. EDGE196 will further evaluate the selected companies and invest up to $1M as a follow up round.

Startup News Asia is pleased to support the EDGE196 Blockchain & FinTech Asia Competition, given our own focus on Asia’s technology and startup ecosystems; our monthly summaries of Asia’s blockchain news, and Asia’s fintech startup news, can be read online.

Application deadline:
15th January 2020

Apply online:
Edge196 Blockchain & Fintech Asia Competition

EDGE196 Blockchain & Fintech Asia Competition

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