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Unicorn Battle South East Asia / April 29
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Blockchain news: November 2020

Blockchain & DLT headlines

November 2020’s round-up of recent blockchain and distributed ledger technology news headlines drawn from Startup News Asia’s daily feeds.

Blockchain news headlines listed link to the full article behind that headline, outlining November 2020’s blockchain news in an at-a-glance format.  This also allows readers to quickly identify those blockchain news items that are of most interest, and to get directly to the full details in the articles behind each headline.

Blockchain news here was gathered in November of 2020 from online media sources, and cover both applications and potential issues; for instance, blockchain in agricultural supply chains versus the issues with blockchain in digital identity.

OECD: Uncertain case for blockchain in government

edge196: Blockchain & Fintech Competition Asia

Enterprise Blockchain report

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other tech news: November 2020

 Unicorn Battle South East Asia / April 29 2021 


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