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Crypto news: July 2020

Cryptocurrency and digital currency news in July 2020

Each item below is a news headlines for a cryptocurrency news item reported online in July 2020, prioritising coverage of developments in the broad Asia-Pacific region, where possible.

Articles in July 2020 cover digital currency testing, implementation and research, alongside moves being made at national levels into central bank digital currencies – the digital yuan, the digital yen and Facebook Libra, for example.  Other aspects of cryptocurrency covered include digital assets and tokenization, policy around digital currency, and regulation around cryptocurrency trading.

Each headline below is linked directly to its online news article; each item below was also delivered in Startup News Asia’s daily feeds on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and via our startup news app.

Chainalysis Crypto Crime Report (pdf)

Cryptodollars: The story so far

pwc Crypto Hedge Fund Report (pdf)

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