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Whilst paid-for advertising is an option, it’s a secondary focus for us at this point in time, mid-2020.

Of more value at this point in our growth is mutual benefit.

By mutual benefit we mean things like:

These are examples only; use the form below to ask questions or make suggestions after you’ve read through the ground rules.

Simple ground rules

We do not write editorial, host press releases, or conduct interviews.

Press releases you see in the sight are sourced direct from PR and newswire firms, and are not sourced or sought out by us on an individual release basis.

Startup News Asia aggregates news coverage.

To be covered via Startup News Asia’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and mobile app news feeds, you need to provide news coverage for your startup, or client, in the form of URL(s) to an external website, and preferably a recognizable news source.

That means:

  • not your own website’s blog
  • not your own hosted press release
  • not a press release hosting site
  • not a social media post or similar promotion

Things we will not respond to:

  • If you send us a press kit
  • If you send a media kit linked to Google Drive etc
  • If you send a pdf of startup/client achievements
  • If you ask us to interview your startup/client exec
Talk to us

Use the form below to contact us around mutual benefit or limited forms of advertising.

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