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Annual collections

Startup News Asia’s dataset grows daily with our ongoing news updates, and this allows us to create customised news collections, online, delivered across various channels and in a variety of formats.

Annual collections of Asia’s startup news came about from using our daily news updates as a full-year dataset, with a focus on a different format – print.

Monthly online news collections were a clear starting point, with quarterly tech news round-ups growing easily from there.

Quarterly hardcopy news collections were then added, with our annual Startup News Asia collections later becoming our largest publication, so far having covered 2017, 2018 and 2019.

BCG: The Rise Of Digital Banking In Southeast Asia (pdf)

2019 year in review

2019 saw 2 editions due to the size of the data set we accumulated:

  • Edition 1: Australia, China & India
  • Edition 2: Rest of Region – 14 locations

More info: 2019 annual in print

2018 year in review

In 2018, we produced a full-year round-up of startup news headlines in one publication:

More info: 2018 annual in print

2017 year in review

In 2017, Startup News Asia produced its first full-year round-up of startup news headlines:

More info: 2017 annual in print

Startup News Asia 2019
Edition 1: Australia, China & India

Startup News Asia 2019: Australia, China, India
• 210 pages, full colour, printed and delivered
• Hardcopy, linked from print to original online source
• Covering tech, startup and VC news across 2019
2019 Startup News Asia: Australia, China and India >

Startup News Asia 2019
Edition 2: Rest of region – 14 countries

Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Startup News Asia: 14 countries
• 256-page hardcopy publication, delivered
• Connected from print to online news sources
using the Startup News Asia mobile app
2019 Startup News Asia: 14 countries >

2018 startup news collection

Startup News Asia’s 2018 collection is available to order in hardcopy, providing a full-year overview of the tech and startup headlines from across South and Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

• 358 pages, full colour
• Softcover, professionally bound
• Country-focused news listings
• 17 countries covered
• Quarterly collections spanning the full year
• Connected to the original online news source

Startup News Asia: 2018 in full – order online >

Startup News Asia: 2018 in full

2017 startup news collection

Startup News Asia’s 2017 publication is available to purchase for delivery in print:

• 342 pages
• Softcover, bound
• News items by country
• Connected via mobile app to each original online news source

Startup News Asia: 2017 in full – order online >

2017 Startup News Asia in full


Annual startup news round-upsStartup News Asia: Annual and quarterly publications in print

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