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= Why Startup News Asia? =

The aim, as outlined in more detail on the home page, is to deliver timely news on Asia’s start-ups, and on start-ups in Australia and New Zealand.

As to ‘why’, it’s an interesting space, with countries rapidly becoming sophisticated in technology, concept and funding.  Accelerators and VC funds are making forays into previously-untouched locations and governments are taking unprecedented steps towards making it easier for them to do so.

News items may cover hardware, web, mobile, fintech or almost any other kind of startup in or close to Asia or Australia.  This covers startups in South Asia, with India as the primary example, and Southeast Asia, alongside startups in both Australia and New Zealand – Oceania, more formally.

Additionally, whilst the focus is news about startups in Asia and Australia, there is obviously an impact on those regions when news in the same fields breaks outside of Asia; our intention with Startup News Asia is as much to be a source of research, knowledge and insight for Asia’s startups as it is to be a channel for finding out about startups in Asia and Australia.

Who’s behind this?

Wade Wright.

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