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btrax: Japan/US market entry

btrax: Market entry, Japan & US

btrax is an Innovation Design company
based in San Francisco and Tokyo,
specializing in UX and Service Design
to create innovative products
and services on a global scale.

We drive results through our bilingual and bicultural teams with backgrounds in design, technology, and marketing


Localization in Japan: btrax

Understanding the ins-and-outs of Japanese websites

So, you’ve decided to localize your website for the Japanese market. An excellent choice for high-profit potential – Japan is the third-highest economy in the world with remarkable brand names such as Nintendo, Canon, Toyota, and Uniqlo…

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btrax: NFT trends in Japan

NFT Trends in Japan

NFT’s (Non-fungible tokens) have been a big trend in 2021 though they have been around since 2014. So why are they gaining so much popularity now? It’s difficult to pinpoint the main reason for this digital craze, but it’s certainly due to the culmination of many factors that have occurred around the world in 2020…

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btrax: Design, tech and business

Find out the latest in design, tech and business bridging the East and West at the freshtrax blog in English, Japanese and Chinese:

Design   •   Startups   •   Business   •   Marketing
Trends   •   Localization

More about btrax:

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