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Q4 2022: Thailand

The 4th quarter 2022 snapshot of Thailand’s technology news items, gathered in October, November and December of 2022.

Thailand’s technology news in Q4 2022 covered items including metaverse and e-sports developments, agri-tech developments using flies as cattle feed, Stripe’s entry for Thai digital payments, Huawei’s increasing involvement in the country, and more. Hit the links featured to read each article in full, online.

December 2022   |   November 2022   |   October 2022

December 2022: Thailand

SEA FinTech Investment

BDA Partners: SEA FinTech Investment Landscape

“SPACE-F is Thailand’s first global food-tech startup incubator and accelerator, bringing together leading food-tech startups and corporates to build and foster innovative mentorship, business connections, and a co-working program.”

Asia's aging population

Credit Suisse Research: The global effects of Asia’s aging population

November 2022: Thailand

Post News - a civilized alternative to Twitter

Post News – a civilized alternative to Twitter

October 2022: Thailand

North Korean hackers' ties to the Global Underground

North Korean hackers’ ties to the Global Underground


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