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Q4 2022: Japan

The 4th quarter 2022 snapshot of Japan’s technology news headlines, drawn from online press coverage in October, November and December of 2022.

Japan’s tech news headlines in the 4th quarter of 2022 covered items including new cyber-offensive capabilities, Japan’s numerous moves into the semiconductors space, 3D printing for metals rather than concrete or plastics, and more.  Hit the links to read each article online, in full.

December 2022   |   November 2022   |   October 2022

December 2022: Japan

Deloitte: Digital Banking Maturity Report 2022

Deloitte: Digital Banking Maturity Report 2022

“Documents seen by the newspaper state that Japan will strengthen its cyber defense “to a level equal to major Western powers” and include measures for “active cyber defense” allowing the authorities to intervene before damage is caused, even when there is no use of traditional force against the country.”

Asia Power Index 2023

Lowy Institute: Asia Power Index, 2023 edition

November 2022: Japan

Japan: Policy for the Web3 Era / NFT White Paper

Japan: Policy for the Web3 Era / NFT White Paper (pdf download)

“It follows Japan participating in NATO’s Locked Shields exercise in 2021, an enormous cyber war game in which the fictional member state of Berylia faced an adversary attacking its critical civilian and military infrastructure.”

“Toyota supplier Denso, NTT, Sony Group, chipmaker Kioxia Holdings, NEC and SoftBank are among the companies expected to invest in the project, each pouring in about 1 billion yen ($6.8 million).”

October 2022: Japan

Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2022

Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2022

Asia's aging population

Credit Suisse Research: The global effects of Asia’s aging population


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