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India: Q2 2020

April, May & June 2020
Startup India

Startup News Asia’s quarterly collection of India’s startup news gathered across April, May and June 2020.

The headlines listed below are tech-focused startup news headlines from Q2 2020 concerned with India’s startup space in some way – announcements by Indian startups about product releases, pivots or VC funding, or an article detailing an impact on India’s startup space, for instance.

The focus is, obviously, on India; but wider-world tech and startup news headlines are included to provide points-of-reference, food for thought for India’s startups, and to provide wider industry knowledge.

June 2020  |  May 2020  |  April 2020

June 2020

India Venture Capital Report 2020

Startup India market research

May 2020

IndiaRath incubator

April 2020

Walrus fintech: India

Pune, India: Startup hub

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