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February 2024: Vietnam

Tech news snapshot, Vietnam

2024 Crypto Market Outlook

Coinbase Institutional: 2024 Crypto Market Outlook

“BlokID’s innovative solutions address three critical challenges in digital advertising: ad attribution verification, privacy insurance leveraging blockchain timestamps, and enhanced transparency through GA4 integration. Led by CEO Michael Hahn, the company aims to transform the industry by providing advertisers with reliable, transparent, and privacy-centric advertising solutions.”

“Due to escalating concerns over privacy breaches and ensuing legal battles, brands are increasingly aware of the repercussions and financial burdens associated with compromised data integrity. BlokID addresses the issue by offering a streamlined and cost-effective remedy to preemptively thwart such breaches.”

Critical tech February 2024

Critical technologies, globally: February 2024

“To this end, the city will organise training courses for science-technology organisations, innovation centres, intermediary organisations supporting innovative startups, and educational institutions with activities to assist innovation activities.”

Cyber Attacks Asia Pacific 2023

StormWall: DDoS Cyber Attacks in 2023 in Asia Pacific

“…the men have a processing plant in Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam, that can turn abundant soldier flies, their eggs, and larvae into a sustainable animal feed protein and soil fertilizer. The goal is to reduce reliance on other sources of those products that negatively impact our planet.”

“The Entobel team said the larvae are well-fed themselves, producing top-notch, highly studied products. It’s part of the insect-propelled transformation they anticipate happening in our food system, which will need to feed close to 10 billion people globally by 2050, according to a company video clip.”

Critical technologies February 2024

Critical technologies, globally: February 2024

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Semiconductors in 2024 - Deloitte

Deloitte: Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook in 2024 –

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