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February 2024: South Korea

Technology news from South Korea in February 2024: XR in South Korean surgery, placing key information directly in front of a surgeon’s eyes; North Korea’s spy satellite believed to be active; last-mile Korean delivery robots approved for sidewalks; the Korean government’s 5-year focus and funding plan for emerging technologies; and more.

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South Korea National Cybersecurity Strategy

South Korea: National Cybersecurity Strategy

“With delivery robots now allowed to use sidewalks
in South Korea, companies are racing to
resolve issues related to the last mile of delivery
to bring goods to the customer’s door.”

“Woowa Brothers, operator of the country’s biggest food delivery app, launched a pilot program using delivery robots at a large apartment complex in 2021. When participating restaurants in the complex receive orders from Woowa’s app, they load the order on the Dilly Drive robot, which then makes the delivery automatically.”

Dilly Drive uses cameras, radar and GPS to travel at 5 or 6 kilometers per hour while avoiding pedestrians. It can cross crosswalks by recognizing whether the signal is green or red. The robot can communicate with the building’s management system, allowing it to ride elevators and bring food and drinks to the customer’s apartment.”

PwC 2024 AI for Business Predictions

PwC 2024 AI for Business Predictions

MediThinQ’s XR solutions present critical information directly in from of the surgeon’s eyes, eliminating the need to divert attention to screens. The first of its kind in revolutionising how medical information is accessed in live surgeries, they are backed by best-in-class image fidelity, latency, reliability, and equipment compatibility.”

EY 2024 Geostrategic Outlook

EY Parthenon: 2024 Geostrategic Outlook

“But now we can definitely say the satellite is alive,” Marco Langbroek, a satellite expert at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, wrote in a blog post.

“From Feb. 19-24, the satellite conducted manoeuvres to raise its perigee, or the lowest point in its orbit, to 497 km from 488 km (308.8 miles from 303.2 miles), Langbroek said, citing data from the U.S.–led Combined Space Operations Center.”

Critical technologies February 2024

Critical technologies, globally: February 2024

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