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February 2024: Singapore

Singapore’s technology news in February 2024 touched on developments and applications including: digital twin technologies in Singapore’s medical sector; mobile payments using cryptocurrencies as a standard form of payment; metaverse-focused startup success for Singapore’s Meta Fantasy; and more.

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DDoS Cyber Attacks in 2023 in Asia Pacific

StormWall: Analysis of DDoS cyber-attacks in 2023 in Asia Pacific

“I am excited to strengthen further our collaboration with Startale Labs, a company with advanced Web3 technologies and expertise. We have already been cooperating with Startale Labs by jointly hosting incubation programs, aiming to promote the development of Web3. With this capital partnership, we are merging Startale Labs’ knowledge and technical capabilities in Web3 with the experience and business fields cultivated by Sony Network Communications to create the infrastructure necessary to facilitate global Web3 adoption. We believe this partnership will contribute to creating new killer Web3 use cases and deliver unprecedented levels of value.”

PwC Digital Banking Survey 2023

PwC Digital Banking Survey 2023: Southeast Asia landscape

“Aside from offering a novel form of entertainment and social networking encompassing gaming, film, music and virtual world simulations, Metasy could have significant implications for businesses. For instance, through the creation of AI sales assistants serving clients in virtual stores, e-commerce businesses can design unique, immersive brand experiences that enhance the customer journey. The platform also supports the creation of a digital twin to enhance interaction with fans and gather insights for influencers and celebrities. Additional verticals such as education, therapy, tourism, and the arts can also benefit from the specific LLMs and 3D visual aids in their virtual spaces.”

“The award, along with a USD $200,000 worth of Google Cloud credit, solidifies Meta Fantasy’s standing as an industry disruptor with innovative AI tools encouraging adoption and transformation. This victory also kickstarts a close collaboration with Google Cloud, supplying Meta Fantasy with further technical and marketing support.”

Critical technologies February 2024

Critical technologies, globally: February 2024

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Semiconductors in 2024 - Deloitte

Deloitte: Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook in 2024 –

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