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February 2024: New Zealand

New Zealand UpStart Nation 2023 Report

New Zealand: UpStart Nation 2023 Report (direct pdf link)

“HTK Start Up supports early-stage, high-growth companies, with a key focus on Māori, Pacific peoples, and underserved founders. Recent data has seen 75 women-led startups, with a completion rate of 94.9%. HTK Group, Managing Director, Renata Hakiwai says.”

“Marian Johnson, CEO of Ministry of Awesome, emphasized the importance of nurturing innovation-based startups for New Zealand’s economy. She referred to the ‘Upstart Nation’ report which set an ambitious target of having 5000 active high-growth startups by 2030. To achieve this, the current count of startups, standing at 2400, requires a substantial push. Startup Aotearoa, with its unique approach and inclusive strategy, looks set to play a pivotal role in making New Zealand, the ‘Upstart Nation.’ “

“Molecular farming has several advantages over animal cell cultivation and precision fermentation, especially in terms of cost and scalability, given that it eschews bioreactors for plants themselves. For its dairy elements, Miruku is reengineering safflower due to its climate resilience (the crop is resistant to droughts and can be grown in residual moisture in semi-arid conditions).”

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