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February 2024: Japan

Japanese technology news in February 2024 covered items and developments in industries and applications including: photonics chips in the semiconductor industry; moves to improve Japan’s government cybersecurity; semiconductor manufacturing investments in Japan in February; Japan’s quantum technology exports to the Australian market; and more.

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Critical technologies February 2024

Critical technologies, globally: February 2024

“But in a Monday report, Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun said several government organizations handling classified information agreed to inspect their systems and improve their vulnerable programs. They include: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the National Police Agency, the Public Security Intelligence Agency and the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office.”

“In order to drastically strengthen cyber defense, the Japanese government aims to introduce “active cyber defense,” which monitors information systems from peacetime to detect signs and prevent serious cyber attacks before they happen.”

“Japan expects to expand the number of specialized cyber units to approximately 4,000 by the end of 2027 from approximately 890 in 2022.”

Japan: “In June 2023, an obscure semiconductor materials supplier announced that it was set to be taken over by an investment fund in a $6.4bn deal….”

ORF: Fixing Cyber Vulnerabilities - A Quad Agenda

ORF: Fixing Cyber Vulnerabilities – A Quad Agenda

NBR Securing Semiconductor Supply Chains

NBR: Bolstering and Securing Semiconductor Supply Chains

WEF Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2024

WEF Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2024

DDoS Cyber Attacks in 2023 in Asia Pacific

StormWall: Analysis of DDoS cyber-attacks in 2023 in Asia Pacific

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