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February 2024: Hong Kong

The February 2024 Hong Kong tech news snapshot captured items and developments including a high-profile, high-impact deepfake video cyber-scam, coverage of a Hong Kong AI-and-blockchain insurance tech startup, the upcoming WOW Summit in Hong Kong for all things Web3, and more.

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Decoding China

The Decoding China dictionary: Terms, meanings, framing

“Hong Kong will see 615 new CCTV cameras set up at “black spots” next month as part of police efforts to enhance surveillance for crime detection and prevention, Commissioner of Police Raymond Siu said in an interview with TVB last Sunday.”

“The legislator asked about the total number of devices, where they were installed, the retention period of video clips, and whether the devices had auto-tracking and facial detection functions.”

“The government did not maintain such statistics on the cameras, Lee said at the time, adding that information on the camera systems involved “security matters.” Disclosing such information might unveil the government’s security arrangements and the investigatory techniques of law enforcement agencies to criminals, the minister said.”

Hong Kong: “…in the past three years (from 2021 to 2023), the total number of crimes involving virtual assets was 1397, 2336 and 3415 cases worth 824 million, 1.704 billion and 4.398 billion yuan.”

Future of internet in China

MERICS: Fragmenting Cyberspace – The future of the internet in China

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Chinese state hacking

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