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February 2024: China

China’s technology news in February 2024 of course covered a huge range of technologies, developments and issues.  These included, for instance: Shanghai’s 12000 satellite mega-constellation plan; the opportunities, developments and challenges in China’s bid for RISC-V semiconductor dominance; TikTok’s targeting of long videos as a competitive move on YouTube; digital yuan CBDC moves in Suzhou city; and many more, all available below.

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China Strategy For RISC-V chips

Jamestown Fdn: Examining China’s Grand Strategy For RISC-V

China's data management

MERICS: China’s data management – Putting the Party-state in charge

“…recent RISC-V breakthroughs and applications in China, many with government funding, have raised Beijing’s hopes that the open-source standard could one day threaten the x86-Arm duopoly…”

“Half of the more than 10 billion RISC-V chips shipped globally by 2022 were made in China, the state-run China Daily reported in August. Bao Yungang, deputy director of China’s Institute of Computing Technology, told a chip conference last June that funding for RISC-V startups in China had reached at least $1.18 billion to that point.”

China, EU & 6G: “Huawei is one of 3 commercial organizations participating in a sensing project… by the European Telecomm’s Standards Institute…that feeds work into the 3GPP [mobile standards body]…”

“Embedding software tools with AI tech is allowing some companies to offer better-standardized products and cut back on development costs, potentially serving as a last resort for startups trying to secure backing…”

“The [Biden re-election] campaign’s launch on TikTok is notable given that the app, which is owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance, is under review in the US due to potential national security concerns.”

“Saudi Arabia is mandating that leading Chinese technology companies invest in the Gulf kingdom in return for huge deals, as it leverages its petrodollar wealth to boost its domestic tech industry.”

“It turns out [Virtual Power Plant] technology has a particularly good synergy with the EV industry, which is why the Chinese government has started to invest in VPPs.”

BRICS currency:
‘… there are imbalances within the BRICS economies…
all essentially run current account surpluses (except India)… [And] would most likely depend on the Chinese economy and yuan as the backbone of a currency bloc.’

Hong Kong: “…not known how many surveillance cameras are already installed in public places… The Security Bureau told HKFP… that the government did not maintain the number of CCTV cameras in the city.”

Critical technologies February 2024

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