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February 2024: Cambodia

Derisking authoritarian artificial intelligence

ASPI: Derisking authoritarian artificial intelligence

“And during the first part of the Cambodia delegation’s visit to France, Overseas Cambodian Investment Corporation (OCIC) and Platform Impact signed an MoU – in the presence of the Cambodian Prime Minister – on developing a coding school on Phnom Penh’s Koh Pich.”

“On the sidelines of the official visit, OCIC Group had the opportunity to visit tech institutions such as 42, known as School 42, and Station F, both founded by billionaire French entrepreneur Xavier Niel.”

“Given the success of Station F and School 42, Platform Impact and OCIC Group are collaborating to create a similar model in Phnom Penh, and were therefore invited to visit the two tech institutions.”

“To support educational and youth development in Cambodia, OCIC is allocating part of the Connexion – a 45,000sqm hub located in the heart of Koh Pich incorporating a unique bioclimatic design to reduce the use of air conditioning and lighting.”

“Connexion will also house OCIC Group’s Innovation Center, including a startup accelerator and a business centre for SMEs, forming a promising ecosystem for Cambodia.”

“Through multiple rounds of elimination, VERIFY.GOV.KH—as the government’s official platform for document verification—has been selected as Cambodia’s submission for the Public Sector category and has made its way through to the final round. After the final presentation against other finalists, VERIFY.GOV.KH wins the Gold Medal in the Public Sector Category, officially being recognised as the most distinguished digital solution for delivering public services in ASEAN for 2024.”

“This success demonstrates more clearly that VERIFY.GOV.KH’s scope should be expanded not only within Cambodia, but also in the region – particularly as a collective mechanism for cross-border document verification among AMSs for verification of trade documents and other official documents, rendering paper originals and notarization of copies no longer necessary. Such collective action will bring ASEAN Member States another step closer to our collective aspiration of unleashing the potential of digital technologies, and MPTC is committed to contribute to this collective journey,” he continued.”

DDoS Cyber Attacks in 2023 in Asia Pacific

StormWall: Analysis of DDoS cyber-attacks in 2023 in Asia Pacific

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