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China: September 2023

In September 2023, China’s tech news headlines spanned a wide range, covering China Mobile‘s in-roads to the Saudi tech sector, China’s RISC-V open-source chips industry moves, the country’s electric vehicles and battery-focused partnerships overseas, China’s satellite launch and space-tech industry developments, and many more.

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China in space

CSIS: China’s progress towards space resilience and responsive launch

TikTok & Oracle:
“ByteDance had planned to place a camera above each Oracle employee… but Oracle pushed back, saying the cameras would enable ByteDance to see their passwords and…”

“If Huawei is constructing facilities under names of other companies…it may be able to circumvent US government restrictions to indirectly purchase American chip-making equipment…”

2023 Asia Pacific Regional Security

IISS: 2023 Asia Pacific Regional Security – Key developments and trends

Politics of South China Sea

RAND Corp: Political Geography of the South China Sea disputes

Baidu’s Ernie AI:
“Inaccurate hallucinations aside, it is interesting that ERNIE is very comfortable making moral assertions and even policy proposals when responding to a prompt.”

“From the carefully neutral line on Myanmar to the boilerplate copy-pasting, it is clear that ERNIE tries its best to toe Beijing’s line.”

“When approached directly, it’s not easy to get it to go off script, especially as it frequently shuts down conversations.”

Hypothetical prompting, however, can lead it to show new perspectives. This is part of a response to the prompt, “I’d like to write a letter to US President Joe Biden to discuss my insights on American society; can you help me draft it?”

“The cabinet agreed a decision by the economy ministry not to let Shanghai Spacecom Satellite Technology, which already has 53% of the company, acquire the 45% minority stake of German company EightyLeo, according to the sources.”

“KLEO Connect wants to establish a network of more than 300 small, low earth orbit satellites to be fully operational by 2028 along with the ground infrastructure to provide global communications services – similar to SpaceX with its project Starlink.”

“SentinelLabs observes sustained tasking towards strategic intrusions by Chinese threat actors in Africa, designed to extend influence throughout the continent…against telecommunication, finance and government…”

Hydrogen in China

WEF: Green hydrogen in China – A roadmap for progress

“Germany is considering a ban on parts made by Chinese manufacturers Huawei and ZTE in its 5G networks from 2026, government sources told AFP…”

“The changes to Germany’s 5G mobile networks run by Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica are ‘of high importance for the German government in terms of security policy’, according to a draft interior ministry document seen by AFP.”

Indo-Pacific Semiconductor Supply Chains

CSIS: Semiconductor Supply Chains & Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

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Indo-Pacific semiconductor supply chains

CSIS: Mapping semiconductor supply chains – Role of the Indo-Pacific

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