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Other tech news: March 2023

Coverage here looks at news in specific technologies, and at implementations and developments in the world beyond the broad Asia Pac and Indo-Pacific regions.

In March 2023, tech news headlines spanned issues and developments including US moves to protect critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks, Dubai’s newly-unveiled cryptocurrency licensing and regulation system, large-language AI models and ChatGPT issues, NVIDIA’s web-based supercomputing services, and many more.  Hit the headline links below to read each article online and in full.

Newsletters in March 2023

ChatGPT & generative AI news in March

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China's maritime militia

CSIS: Pulling back the curtain on China’s maritime militia

“Beware the ‘sensible’ crypto crowd – they’re worse than the fanatics. The strait-laced, earnest types threaten to legitimise a high-risk, opaque and ill-understood industry…”

“…state-backed groups from Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China regularly leverage LinkedIn to connect with targets in an attempt to steal information through phishing scams or by using malware…”

“The growing commercialization of deepfakes will bring new challenges to the Asia-Pacific’s information space.”

“CFTC is charging Binance with violating laws around futures offerings, illegal off-exchange commodity options, failing to register as a futures commissions merchant…” and more across KYC and AML activities

ICYMI: Global Methane Tracker 2023 online now – “Methane is responsible for around 30% of the rise in global temperatures since the Industrial Revolution…”

“Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, related to Donald Trump have jumped over 30% in Ether-denominated value over the past week amid [news of] a possible indictment and arrest…”

G7 economies to boost cooperation on ‘urban mining’, aiming to mine e-waste as a source of rare-earth elements and industrially-important metals as a limit on supply vulnerabilities

“Other platforms are building on the early success that seven-year-old Mastodon experienced last fall after Musk took over Twitter. Mastodon’s layout looks similar to Twitter, including the interface for responding to and sharing others’ comments in a news feed littered with hashtags. But Mastodon is a network of thousands of sites — called instances or servers — instead of a website controlled by a single company such as Twitter…”

ChatGPT & AI

AI risks making any crisis worse: “…when something goes gravely wrong, AI systems trained on older data from a relatively ‘peaceful’ world might be woefully [ill]equipped to handle a more chaotic one.”

“If users don’t have to visit sites directly anymore, those sites’ business models, based on advertising and subscriptions, will collapse. But if those sites can no longer produce content then AI tools won’t have…material…”

Newsletters in March 2023

Quiet locations: March 2023

Cambodia in March 2023
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Deloitte: 2023 Semiconductor Industry Outlook

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