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Singapore: January 2021

Tech startup news: Singapore

Singapore’s startup news in January 2021 covered items including AI-driven bank customer onboarding, education-tech, 5G innovation grants, ‘digital gold’, and many more.

Each item listed is a Singapore-focused technology or startup-related news headline; each headline is hyperlinked to the free-to-read online article or report behind that headline, hosted on the news site that reported the item and provided the initial news coverage.

The January 2021 startup news collection for Singapore provides Startup News Asia’s readers with 2 things instantly:

  • a single-page, at-a-glance overview of Singapore’s tech startup scene in January 2021, providing you with a quick reference look at overall startup activity levels; and
  • instant, one-click access to the Singapore-focused startup news, articles and reports behind each headline, letting you focus on your chosen subjects, technologies and developments.

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Singapore startup resources: Founder Institute

Singapore: Services and Digital Economy Technology Roadmap

More of Singapore’s tech, startup and VC funding news

To read more of Singapore’s tech startup news, visit Startup News Asia’s coverage page; you’ll find Singapore-focused technology news collected by month and by year, from mid-2016 to today.

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