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Indonesia 01/2019

Startup Indonesia

Tech news, January 2019

  • Indonesia: An overview of HARA, blockchain-based info exchange linking farmers, finance institutions, retailers and data service providers   //   read it here
  • Indonesia: Ajaib startup launches online investment platform for millennials   //   read it here
  • Indonesia: Warung Pintar lands $27.5M with micro-retail tech aiding SMEs transition to ecommerce   //   read it here
  • Indonesia: An intro to Automo, online platform for tourists to find drivers and auto rentals   //   read it here
  • Indonesia: Alibaba Cloud launches second data center   //   read it here
  • Indonesia: Ajaib online investment startup raises $2.1M   //   read it here
  • 5 digital marketing platforms in Indonesia – where do Indonesian buyers go online?   //   read it here
  • Indonesia: A look at Go-Jek’s SE Asia expansion and its plans for the future   //   read it here
  • Indonesia: Helmad startup turns two-wheeler helmets into moving billboards with kilometre-based rewards   //   read it here

 BOOM21 Conference Southeast Asia 


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