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Crypto news: December 2020

Cryptocurrency news headlines from December 2020
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The crypto news headlines featured below were drawn from a variety of online, free-to-read cryptocurrency news platforms, each covering aspects of digital currency technology in December 2020.

Our crypto news summary is intended to deliver a wide-angle look at cryptocurrency technologies in a range of implementations and focus areas, from CBDCs to gaming-related crypt tokens, for instance.

Each cryptocurrency news item listed is hyperlinked to the full news article behind it, providing you with 2 things; an at-a-glance overview of December 2020’s crypto news, obviously, and one-click access to detail on a particular digital currency issue or implementation.

Cryptocurrency news items featured were drawn from Startup News Asia’s daily updates, delivered on social media and mobile app.

DBS December Digital Currency Update

Chainalysis: 2020 State Of Crypto Crime

Central Bank Digital Currencies: Principals and features

CBDCs: Geopolitical ramifications

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