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Startup news from China, in quarterly news collections since the middle of 2016, from Startup News Asia.

Our quarterly collections of China’s startup news is an extension of our monthly China news listings, collecting tech news items across 3 months at a time from 2016 to today, online, supplementing our regular month-by-month format.

Links below lead to China’s startup news in quarterly summaries, outlining developments in China’s startup and tech ecosystem.

2021  •  2020  •  2019  •  2018  •  2017  •  2016

China’s tech news: Quarterly, 2021

Merics Research: Blockchain in China (pdf)

China’s startup news in 2020

PwC: The Global Economy & China's Economy (pdf)

China’s startups in 2019

WEF: Fintech In China (pdf)

China’s startup news: 2018

BCG: China Growth Opportunity

China’s startups in 2017

GSMA: 5G Use Cases for Vertical China (pdf)

China’s startup news in 2016

Taiwan: Taipei Blockchain Week 2022

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