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Asia's tech news: March 2023 headlines
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Philippines: March 2023

The March 2023 technology news summary for The Philippines captures items across tech fields spanning blockchain education and up-skilling for Filipino students, the country’s up-and-coming tech startups, e-commerce and digitization for stores of all kinds, and more.  Hit the tech headlines linked below to read each article in full.

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South China Sea disputes

RAND Corp: The political geography of the South China Sea disputes

“Bringing one of the UK’s most successful and innovative blockchain incubators to the Philippines, nChain aims to empower startups, enterprises, and talents with the necessary tools to succeed. Block Dojo Philippines will provide training, education, upskilling, and cross-skilling to homegrown talents and produce a pioneering generation of blockchain companies and professionals in the Philippines.”

Deloitte: 2023 Semiconductor Industry Outlook

Deloitte: 2023 Semiconductor Industry Outlook

Asia’s tech news headlines

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Disinfo Docket: Research on global influence operations

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