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Asia's tech news: March 2023 headlines
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China: March 2023

The month-end tech news summary for China captures March 2023’s headlines in fields including Huawei’s domestic production of components in the face of US sanctions, the China impacts of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, Baidu’s ChatGPT competitor platform and many more.  Hit the links below to read each China tech news article in full.

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Decoding China

Decoding China: Terms, meanings, framing

South China Sea disputes

RAND Corp: The political geography of the South China Sea

“When China was still new to venture capital in the late 1990s, SVB was among the first financial institutions to start serving the country’s startups, while traditional, risk-averse banks avoided them. Over time, the bank has become a popular option for China-based startups fundraising in USD as well as some China-focused USD venture capital firms.”

Chinese Cybercrime

Recorded Future: Chinese Cybercrime in Neighboring Countries

SVB & China: “The crown jewel of its global operations was China, where [SVB] served more than 2,000 clients and advised government regulators eager to make their banking system more innovation-friendly.”

“…new robot installations in the Chinese automotive industry almost doubled to 61,598 units in 2021- accounting for 52% of the total 119,405 units installed in factories around the world.”

Uncomfortable questions for Baidu’s Ernie Bot: “One influencer posted several AI-generated images, asking if Baidu simply translated the Chinese into English and used foreign image generators…”

Undersea cables

Wading Murky Waters: Subsea Communications Cables and Responsible State Behaviour

“Hong Kong’s campaign to become a regional crypto hub has attracted a steady stream of business executives from China looking to explore opportunities in the sector despite Beijing’s crackdown….”

Deloitte: 2023 Semiconductor Industry Outlook

Deloitte: 2023 Semiconductor Industry Outlook

Asia’s tech news headlines

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