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February 2021: Asia's startup news

Hong Kong: May 2020

Hong Kong startups

News from May 2020

The monthly Hong Kong startup news snapshot for May 2020, drawn from the daily Startup News Asia news feed.

The Hong Kong startup news headlines below each link to one of the original online news articles that published the item concerned.  Each article either directly covers Hong Kong’s tech startups, or deals with issues of importance to Hong Kong startups in some way.

News headlines featured here are the Hong Kong tech startup news items pulled from our daily startup news coverage, which currently covers 17 primary locations across Asia and Oceania.  News sources we pull from are agnostic; we find and aggregate news about Hong Kong’s tech startups from online outlets large and small, based purely on relevance to individuals, and organisations, interested in Hong Kong’s tech startups.

Additional subject-focused news summaries are also online, covering the month’s blockchain news, artificial intelligence, digital currency news, cybersecurity and datasec, and a broad collection of fintech news.

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